Proven, capable, adaptable.

Proven, capable, adaptable.


Arrowhead 140 Walkthrough from Babcock International on Vimeo.

Arrowhead 140; a proven, capable and adaptable frigate for modern, global navies.

Arrowhead 140 is a global white and blue water frigate. Scaled for adaptability and capability, this fully exportable British ship design complies with all relevant naval standards, and delivers the ability to rapidly re-role the ship based on arising operational needs. It’s a vessel, built to deliver and support optimised operational effect, while up-skilling the UK’s maritime enterprise.

Driven by innovation and backed by heritage, Arrowhead 140 is a modern warship that will meet the maritime threats of today and tomorrow and has British ingenuity and engineering at its core.

For any Warship, through life-costs exceed the initial investment. Not only does this ‘at – sea’ design lower programme risks through its tried and tested baseline design, it is also ‘Designed for Support’ to minimise through-life costs whilst delivering a truly leading-edge frigate.

Arrowhead 140 delivers high levels of survivability, operability and responsiveness with naval customers able to achieve first class performance. With embedded technology informing rapid decision making and through-life support, it offers exceptional value for money.

The wide beam design provides operational flexibility and its space-rich design enables efficiency in build, maintenance accessibility and crew comfort as a core capability.

Arrowhead 140 will provide a highly capable multi-role frigate, equipped to meet the maritime threats of today and tomorrow and the needs and wants of the modern sailor no matter where in the world it operates.

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Arrowhead 140 EXPORT brochure