Proven, capable, adaptable.

Integrated, intelligent, in-service support

Babcock is harnessing the power of innovative technology to advance through-life support opportunities and platform availability and readiness equipping today’s mariner with real-time data to support immediate and complex decision making.

iFrigate™ architecture optimises engineering support helping to reduce through-life operating costs and deliver cutting-edge platforms that combine capability with value-for money by cutting costs and reducing the burden on ship’s staff. By introducing this innovative, collaborative suite of technology, equipment and system sensors into the build means that a wide range of operational data can be fused, modelled, transformed and visualised, improving proactive maintenance decision support and optimising planning across the platforms.

An on-board analytics suite allows informed risk-based maintenance decisions to be made and aids defect diagnosis, whilst shore-side data analysis helps forward deployed support, optimising the next maintenance period, assisting Class support. Existing data from the platform will also be used to optimise support.

Thales delivers continuous improvement on it’s TACTICOS combat system together with customers all over the world. TACTICOS supports operations teams with complex decision making by reducing manual data analysis and providing information and supporting reductions in crew numbers through high levels of automation.

These highly intuitive systems support the survivability of the crew and platform and make it a safer place to carry out missions. With the future in mind, these technologies are readily adaptable through fully funded product roadmaps and automatic capability upgrades – offering exceptional value for money and helping to meet the maritime threats of today and tomorrow.

Thales leads in innovation of naval systems. Working with 20 UK universities, the Centre for Defence Enterprise, and Innovate UK, leading research streams piezo electric materials, single crystal growth, grapheme based sensors, autonomy, Artificial Intelligence and big data. Thales brings UK SMEs to the core of their innovation, leveraging their flexibility and giving them access to major programmes under terms their businesses can support.