In-Service Support

Proven, capable, adaptable.

Established as a trusted service support and training partner

Arrowhead 140 is designed as a build and support package, ensuring customers benefit from our unparalleled Through Life Support (TLS) expertise. Our embedded iFrigateTM technology will support delivery of in-service support efficiencies. Existing data from the proven in-service platform will also be used to optimise support.

Global reach

Babcock has a presence in nations aligned with UK and NATO allegiances and strategies meaning we can react swiftly to meet operational demands and deliver timely and flexible support world-wide.

Keeping warships safe, capable and available requires an innovative, collaborative joint approach between the operator and the support partner. From the day your ship enters service, we can work with you to provide continuous and consistent support around the world through our network of available resources and at reach facilities.

We understand platforms, systems, and how they operate and can take a holistic view of your through-life support requirements; helping you to reduce costs and increase platform availability.


Babcock is the leading supplier of personnel training to the UK’s Ministry of Defence and has over 20 years experience of delivering these services to the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, British Army and many international military organisations.