Proven, capable, adaptable.

Arrowhead 140 is a low risk and proven design

Already operating globally in NATO operations, its platform and combat systems are designed for operational support and upgrade, with Team 31 having extensive experience of compliance with both naval and commercial design standards. It is engineered to minimise through- life costs whilst delivering a truly leading-edge frigate that has an established, proven and exportable combat management system. Comprehensive safety and environmental management processes and compliance combined with robust vessel build and delivery practices and support – ensures your mission is in capable hands.

A size and scale that will bring adaptability and an operational cutting-edge to global navies

Arrowhead 140 is larger than other vessels in the General Purpose Frigate market. With 350 tonnes of additional steel, it delivers 2,000 tonnes more displacement which delivers significant advantages:

Its space-rich design provides inherent flexibility and adaptability – future readying global navies for decades to come. It delivers freedom of operational action and political choice through the ease of rapid, low cost capability upgrades.

Increased space provides the opportunity to embark battle staff and operate a Task Group, whilst delivering more comfort for sailors when operating at-reach – making long term global forward deployment achievable and sustainable. A great place for sailors to live and work!

At almost 140m long, and with a 20m beam, this design delivers stability supporting increased performance and safe operations, of the weapons and sensor suite, helicopter and sea-boat operations, in all sea states.

Its inherent size means that it is easier to build, operate, maintain and adapt the ship, reducing through life costs.

And it’s large enough to land a Chinook helicopter on deck.


Based on an, in-service, NATO standard Iver Huitfeldt baseline design, its wide beam and modularised build approach significantly reduces build time, as established in delivery to the Royal Danish Navy which has three of these platforms in service, plus a further two Absalon Class vessels, based on the same hull form. Utilising this platform design will minimise the non-recurring engineering costs associated with delivery and design risks are lowered as potential design challenges have already been resolved.


Arrowhead 140 provides excellent survivability, operability and capability with Naval customers able to achieve first class operational performance with exceptional value for money. Our platform offers significant stability and is able to operate in high sea states with excellent radar performance, assured aviation deck handling, dynamic and safe sea-boat capability and enhanced crew comfort for all-weather operations and high sea states.


Able to meet changing operational needs, ranging from anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, electromagnetic manoeuvre warfare and anti-air warfare, Arrowhead 140 is built on proven and commercially available systems and equipment, enabling rapid and affordable capability upgrades.


Crew comfort enables fighting efficiency.  Arrowhead 140 brings a significant edge to modern naval capability. It has been developed with the objective of assisting in improving the quality of crew performance and comfort by providing excellent working and living environments. For the user, habitability, maintainability and a focus on increased reliability will be a key benefit delivered by Arrowhead 140.


iFrigateTM technology is employed to help you counter any challenge by balancing the need to maximise availability and readiness with the goal of reducing through life support costs.
Arrowhead 140 is designed with a flexible future in mind, ensuring efficient in-service support. Customers benefit from our unparalleled Through Life Support (TLS) expertise which has been pulled through into the design to optimise supportability and maintainability.

Arrowhead 140 is capable of fulfilling and supporting maritime security requirements world-wide.