Combat Systems

Proven, capable, adaptable.

Flexible and established systems

Arrowhead 140 offers a highly exportable capability, incorporating the world’s navies preferred combat systems, the best of UK naval systems technology and will bring into the UK additional naval capability through technology transfer, helping to sustain 1,500 roles in the UK and with the potential to create a further 500 new roles.

  • Combat Management System – Thales TACTICOS, sustainable in the UK through technology transfer, with a 25 year service history and already exported to 24 navies globally onto 182 different ships in over 42 classes. M-Cube is the version of TACTICOS already exported from the UK by Thales for Mine Hunting applications. TACTICOS’ six monthly software  upgrades and in-service support package deliver continuous evolution and growth in functionality, making Arrowhead 140 a flexible platform to meet changing needs over its  lifetime.  The productised approach reduces through life costs and will negate the need for upgrade through replacement. TACTICOS is scalable and its open architecture is certified. Its modularity means additional mission profiles such as Anti Air Warfare (AAW) or Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) can be integrated with ease.
  • Mast solutions and radars – over 230 systems in use with more than 20 navies, sustainable in the UK through technology transfer. These include the 4D AESA S-band Surveillance Radar: Thales’s NS100 dual-axis multi-beam family (23 radars sold in and outside NATO as of February 2019). These software-defined, fully digital surveillance radars are “future proof” and provide a leap forward in performance and technology, while retaining all the benefits from the ubiquitous best-selling 3D SMART-S single-axis multi-beam family (85 sold to 20 nations, including eight NATO member states).
  • Naval Communications solutions from Thales in the UK – leveraging our experience through providing integrated open architecture communications solutions fleet-wide use across 55 Royal Navy Platforms.
  • Electronic Warfare solutions from Thales in the UK – Arrowhead 140 will benefit from the latest world leading EW capability, Vigile D, developed by Thales in the UK and co-funded by the UK MOD to overcome the threats presented in the current congested EMC environment. Thales EW solutions are already in use with 40 navies worldwide.
  • Anti Submarine Warfare – Thales in the UK is a global leader in the provision of sonar systems, as evidenced by the recent selection of the Thales 2087 sonar suite by the Royal Australian Navy. This will be a key offering for exports of Arrowhead 140. More than 50 surface ships are equipped with UK designed and delivered sonar solutions.
  • Lightweight Multi-role Missile – this missile has been designed and developed in the UK to combat the modern threats of UAVs and Fast Inshore Attack Craft, a next generation capability delivering a flexible, targeted and proportionate response. Already qualified by the Royal Navy for naval air platforms such as the AW159, its use in a surface to surface mode will be validated by the Royal Navy during 2019.

Babcock brings extensive experience of integrating Sea Ceptor, delivering Phalanx and the 4.5” Mk 8 Gun capability to the Royal Navy.