Proven, capable, adaptable.

Best of British, Design, Build, Assembly and Support

Arrowhead 140 is designed for modular build, proven in the construction of the parent design, and an approach which Babcock has delivered effectively, with the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, through the construction of the UK Royal Navy’s Aircraft Carriers.

This technique allows for improved speed and efficiency in manufacture and assembly, de-risking the delivery programme and securing wider national prosperity.

Building on the holistic breadth and depth of the design, build and support experience of Team 31, and capitalising on evolutions in world ship-building, Arrowhead 140 features the best of British design and engineering. This ANEP 77 compliant platform meets the NATO Naval Ship code, is primed for export and will drive a new and versatile alternative for naval customers.

Our joint experience in platform design, refit and maintenance means that we have extensive knowledge of the practicality and usability of platforms, understanding the effects of design in action. Established in delivering naval engineering design, build, training and support, Babcock Team 31 benefits from existing relationships with a broad range of military supply chains which can be utilised through all aspects of the build programme and future in-service support requirements for the new ships.

Delivered to Lloyds Register Naval Ship Rules Classification, Arrowhead 140 will re-energise the UKs’ maritime capability through modern ship design and build practices, driving British shipbuilding expertise to match the Royal Navy’s pedigree as a world leader in Naval platforms.

With operations around the world, Babcock has strong relationships with international suppliers providing fast, efficient delivery of materials and supplies to platforms deployed globally.

Productive and efficient

Through its proven platform and systems – Arrowhead 140 removes risk, delivering productivity enhancements and innovation to UK ship building.

Capable of being designed, built and assembled in less than one million working hours, Arrowhead 140 will leverage the skills of an in-place and experienced workforce. Its smart build credentials means it is primed for pre-outfitting with open compartments enabling rapid assembly – supporting time and cost efficiencies.

The dynamic build strategy will enable the concurrent build of different modules and on time delivery while the high degree of pre-outfitting and flat packet fitting reduces build defects and cuts build time significantly.

The build programme is flexible and can adapt across our delivery sites for parallel demands – providing assurance of delivery of concurrent domestic and international orders.

Pre-testing enables bridge, mast, combat management system and operations room integration and validation prior to final assembly – making fine tuning easier to undertake and reducing build time.

Systems are also proven – with a global user base. Royal Navy design features have already been built in to the TACTICOS product roadmap. Communications fit and Electronic Warfare solutions are fully productionised, with no non-recurring engineering costs, automatic on-going software upgrades and influence in future designs are supported through user groups.

Options also exist for pre-delivery training and optimisation through working with the Royal Danish Navy.

Prospering Industry and Communities

With a flexible distributed build and design approach that responds directly to the National Ship Building Strategy, Arrowhead 140 will deliver long-term local and national social and economic benefits through investing in both its supply chain and the next generation of apprentice and graduates. The programme will sustain or create up to 2500 highly-skilled, qualified and experienced roles in multiple locations throughout the UK.