Proven, capable, adaptable.

Tried and tested build strategy

Arrowhead 140 is designed for modular build, proven in the construction of the parent design, and an approach which Babcock has delivered effectively through the construction of the UK Royal Navy’s Aircraft Carriers.

This technique allows for improved speed and efficiency in manufacture and assembly,  de-risking the delivery programme and securing wider national prosperity.

Providing technical support throughout the build stage has meant that lessons learnt during construction have been fed back to improve Babcock’s design skills for future platforms. Coupled with the significant design experience of our Team 31 partners BMT and OMT, we are able to bring together the very best of naval and commercial design practice to deliver an assured Arrowhead 140 design product, compliant with Lloyds Register Naval Ship Rules, and meeting the challenges of future environmental legislation.

Our joint experience in platform design, refit and maintenance means that we have extensive knowledge of the practicality and usability of platforms, understanding the effects of design in action. Established in delivering naval engineering design, build, training and support, Babcock Team 31 benefits from existing relationships with a broad range of military supply chains which can be utilised through all aspects of the build programme and future in-service support requirements for the new ships.

With operations around the world, Babcock has strong relationships with international suppliers providing fast, efficient delivery of materials and supplies to platforms deployed globally.

Prospering Industry and Communities

Team 31’s UK wide build strategy will drive revenue to ship build facilities, associated supply chains and communities – squarely meeting the requirements of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.